“That’s your fate .!”

It’s the worst thing that a person has ever said to me.

Do I believe in fate? Do I believe in destiny? No I don’t!

It’s always up to us. We are the ones who decide our fate. We script our density. It’s all on us.

I’m a firm believer of the quote “nothing is impossible” but I haven’t achieved anything important in my life so far. But you cannot label me as a failure. Yes, I have failed many times in my life. I have lost many things that I held dear to me. But I won’t stop trying. I will break the cage that I’m imprisoned and spread my wings and I’ll fly. I will fly over everyone who once labelled me as a failure. I’ll fly until my wings grow tired and I collapse, collapse somewhere but I’ll be satisfied and happy.

That’s the fate I’m going to write for me, to fly high. Fly as high as possible.

The dream killer.

Boredom is the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest.

When you pursue something for so long you are bound to get bored of the process. You will find no more joy in the process. This is particularly true, if the results of your hard work are none or minimal. At this stage most of us lose interest and give up. Hence we see a lot of failures than successes in this world.

What most of us not realise is the importance of overcoming this hurdle in the journey to fulfilling our dreams. Boredom is the phase which determine whether one will achieve his dream or fail in the process. Those who can come out of this phase end up on the winning side.

Think of an athlete who has to repeat the same process over and over everyday for years until he hangs up his boot. The process for him is long and laborious. He too will get bored of the process at some point in time. But champions are those who stick to the process without falling prey to boredom.

Hence the approach here should be to stick on to the process and overcome the obstacle of boredom. Take a break if you must but never give up on your dreams. The stage of boredom means you are nearly at the end of the tunnel. Muster all your strength and go for one last shot. You will definitely achieve what you worked for.

Butterfly effect.

Butterfly effect is the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. The term is closely associated with the work of mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz.

The idea conveyed is that the flapping of a butterfly might create minute changes in the atmosphere that could alter the path, delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado.

An analogy

The Dinosaurs got extinct due to a meteorite strike at the end of Cretaceous period. If the meteorite striked on a water body, the water body would have absorbed some of its impact and might have saved the Dinosaur species.

Dinosaurs surviving the meteorite impact would have had an impact on the evolution of humans. Maybe humans would have never evolved and dinosaurs would have remained the apex predators.

The conundrum

It is amazing and scary to think even a small action can have such a drastic consequence in the future. Does that also mean all our actions should be carefully executed?

It is more or less impossible to think before acting everytime, for instance the words that we speak may not always be what we intend to say. Some time emotions can take over. But as per butterfly effect all our actions have a say in determining our future.

Looking forward

We should accept the way life is. There should be no regrets. All our mistake might determine how end up in the future but it will also makes us wise and responsible. The goal here should be to learn from one’s mistake and execute it better the next time.

Everyone will have some qualities that make them unique. These qualities are cultivated and not born with. Our mistakes and failures helps in cultivating these qualities. So rather than being afraid of the butterfly effect we should just try to do our duty and not worry about the consequences.


It has been pretty awful reading newspaper lately but in the last couple of days I noticed three articles.

The first one was about a residential school in British Columbia, Canada. The school was formerly used to tutor the indigenous children of Canada to make them assimilate into the Western society. Apparently, the assimilation here meant forcefully taking young ones as little as three year olds from their parents, changing their faith and not allowing them to learn their indeginous languages nor customs. They never saw their parents again.

The newspaper article told that 217 remains of children has been found from the school campus. Among them there were even 3 year olds!

It is incomprehensible to be honest, to know people can be this heartless.

The second one was about the infamous Rwandan Genocide that happened in 1993. For those who do not know about it, it was the killing of the members of the minority Titus tribe by the majority Hutu tribe in Rwanda, Africa.

Now it is been found that France knew about this genocide attempt before it happened. Apparently the regime at that time was an allie of France. The French President Macron have formally issued an apology.

It is absurd, a Nation which gave birth to French revolution, which gave us the ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity being a part of this massacre and that too in the 1990’s.

For those Indians who are reading this, the Liberty, Equality and Fraternity in the Preamble of our Constitution is inspired from the French revolution.

Finally the third one was about Germany formally apologizing for genocide in Namibia. The Herero and Namaqua genocide was the first genocide of the 20th century. It happened between 1904 and 1908.

I am pretty sure that these three atrocities are merely the tip of the iceberg. There are many hidden and will come out in the future.

From an Indian perspective what comes to my mind is the man made Bengal Famine of 1943 which killed 2.1 – 3 million people! The then British Government wanted to divert the grains to feed her vast Army.

And which Indian can forget the Jalliwanwala Bagh massacre in 1919 were approximately 1000 people died.

General Dyer who ordered the firing was recalled by the British Government but he was felicated by the House of Lords. The Morning Post even managed to collect 26,000 pounds for General Dyer from the British public and a famous contributor to that fund was Rudyard Kipling, yes the man who wrote the Jungle Book. Weird isn’t it? If we dig out our past we will find many such incidences.

A better tomorrow.

An apology will never suffice for those who were maimed and for others who lost their loved ones but an assurance that the human race will never go back to this barbarianism in the future might do the world a whole lot of good.

The mystery of life.

The mystery in human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding some thing to live for.


Staying alive is easier today when compared to prehistoric times. But even in the past when humans were hunters and gatherers they would have had a purpose, a purpose to live for. It is this purpose which helped in the advancement of our species.

To live a life without any purpose seems easy. There is no expectations and hence no disappointments. But is it worth living a life like that?

Definitely not.

There has to be a purpose in life. Only then we will realise our potential. All of us have enormous potential and having a purpose helps us in realising our potential.

The purpose of life

This is the trickiest and perhaps the most toughest part. Many do not have an answer to it. To have a purpose in life means to have a dream or a goal. It is something that you want to realise in the future.

Having a purpose will help one to make full use of life. It will drive us forward in the moments of adversities. It will also help one to lead a disciplined life.

How to find purpose?

There is no definite answer to this. Some find it early, some find it late and some never finds it at all. A purpose that you find worth living for may not excite others. Maybe in the end its all about listening to one’s conscience and following what it says.

Now when you find a purpose to live for there will always comes a question.

What if you fail?

Well, atleast you have tried, thousands of others often give up on their dreams because of the fear of failure and then they choose to live a life without a purpose.

We dont have much time in this body. So we should make full use of the limited time that we have and having a purpose, something to live for definitely makes life exciting and worth living for.


The Arrow is straight but cruel; The Lute is crooked but sweet. Therefore, judge men by their acts, not their appearance.

Thirukural, verse 279

Appearence can deceive eyes. People may appear good to the naked eye but only when you get to know them well you will understand their true nature.

I have had some instances in my life, where people I disliked at first turned out to be my good friends later. So first impression may not always has to be the best impression.

The problem with us is that we jump into conclusions. We are prejuidiced and hence fail to see what a person really is. Living in an ever growing busy world doesn’t make this any easier.

In todays world appearence matters a lot. It doesnt matter how talented you are, if you are not able appear pleasing to the eye, you would be at a disadvantage.

Take WordPress for example, every bloggers try hard to make their blogs appear good to the naked eye. They do everything, change themes and all such things. But in an ideal world it should be the content that has to matter not the appearence.

But we are not living in an ideal world. In this world your worth is judged by how you present yourself not by the ability you have. This is a worrisome thing as it can result in disappointments later.

So the importance of Thirukarals verse is more relevant now. As he says we should not jump into conclusions the moment we see someone or something.

The dance of death.

The fury of nature is unparallel to anything even the Covid 19 pandemic.

A cyclone has been passing through Kerala these days and the strength it showed was unbelievable. The way the trees danced to her tone was chilling to see. To think that it was not even a super cyclone makes one wonder what would happen if the nature decides to punish us once and for all.

Wrath of Nature

It will happen one day, maybe not in our lifetimes but it is definitely going to happen some day. I don’t know whether humans will have the know how to deal with that existential crisis in the future. But one thing is for sure, no one will be doubting the strength of nature today, not anymore.

The only way to deal with the nature’s fury in today’s world is adapting our lifestyle. Hopefully the world will soon learn to cooperate with the nature rather than trying to take it head on.

Sustainable development

Development is important. The environmentalists who speaks for closing down all the coal mines often fail to talk about the development needs of countries like India who started industrialising after 1950s. For instance, the UK started their industrialistlation in 1750s.

All nations that you see developed today reached that stage by exploiting their environment. It was once they became developed they tried to restore their environment.

But India cannot afford that luxury today. We need development but it has to be sustainable in today’s world especially with the climate risks looming over our head. It is a tough task and is much tougher for the Sub Saharan countries.

Hopefully in the future, we will come out of this on the right side and help other developing countries too to achieve development by making nature an allie rather than an enemy. I know, its easier said than done.

Opinions that don’t change.

The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die.

As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Opinions are not something which has to be infallible. But in these days people stick with their opinions even if they are proven wrong. Worse, they try to change the topic instead of accepting they were wrong.

Why is it so difficult to change opinions?

It maybe because it takes courage to accept that one is wrong. Not many can do this and especially in these days where ethical values are are rarely seen.

But the problem here is, when you have a rigid mind you are limiting your own growth, the growth as a person with character.

We are all humans and we make mistakes. But it is through mistakes that one learn and when one try to ignore that he cease to learn.

A case study

An incident that comes to my mind while I write this is about Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw. He was the General of the Indian army at the time of 1971 Bangladesh liberation war.

When the then Prime minister, Indira Gandhi asked him to attack Pakistan, he refused. He told Ms Gandhi of the problems that could happen if they lauched an attack during the monsoon season. This was probably the first instance of an Indian General refusing to adhere to the command of a PM.

The General was expecting a dismissal order for refusing the PM infront of the war cabinet. But Ms Gandhi changed her decision and gave full freedom to the General to decide the time and place of the attack and the rest is history.

India won the war liberating East Pakistan which later came to be called as Bangladesh in 13 days, one of the shortest wars in history.

Into the future

We should understand that there is no shame in accepting ones mistakes. It should be considered as an opportunity to improve oneself and become a better person. This will also result in better outcomes as the incident above shows.


Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good things ever dies.

Shawshank Redemption

Hope is a short word but its impact on us is second to none. It is a powerful word, so powerful that when you hold on to it it can do wonderful things.

Everyone will be hopeful of something; a better job, a better day or even a better life. But only few among us realise it. They will put hard yards into their goal but they lose hope in the process and give up.

Hope is a good thing and no good things ever dies. Most of us forget this when adversities persistently knock on our doors. So the trick here is to be persistent and not lose hope in the process.

This might seem easy but it is the most difficult thing. With all these distractions going around in this ‘modern’ life it becomes even more harder. After all if this was an easy thing, there would have been more success stories than failures in this world.

There might be times in life when everything seems to be going wrong. No matter what you do, the progress will be minimal or none. But whatever you do, do not lose hope in the process. It takes time but it will yield rich dividends in the future.

Hold on to it tight and never let it go. You will definitely see light at the end of the tunnel.

Living in a biased world.

The world has become alot more biased these days. Wherever you look you see biasness, whether it is the newspaper you are reading, the TV channel you are watching or even the literature that you read is biased in oneway or the other. Infact to know the current situation in India today one has to read a minimum 5 newspapers. This is a sad state of affairs.

Why do people have to be biased?

It is because of the inability of people to understand and respect views different from theirs. Yes, there are also reasons like monetary benefits which pays a role in this. But I believe it is mainly because of the inability of us to respect and accept different opinions.

Thought processing of each one of us is different and hence it is bound to create conflicting views. We may not agree with others opinions but we should definitely give opportunities to others to cite their views. This is something that is missing in todays world.

People wants to speak about what they believe in, they want to follow Twitter accounts or read articles which are in conformity with what they want to hear. By doing this they are limiting themselves to one side of the story. This eventually results in hatred and put the whole world in tantrum.

Way forward

To come out of this biasness and to see the world as it is is difficult. It is not impossible however. All one need to do is to try to hear different sides of the story and at times of indecisiveness listen to one’s own subconscious. Most of the times our subconscious will lead us to the right choice.


Hate is something which we all are familiar with. It is something none of us want to experience yet it is increasing in this world.

These days, when you open social media all you can see is hate. People fighting in the name of ideologies, religions, caste!! You name it! Everything is there. It has become a daily part of netizens life.

Why can’t we move on and live happily? The world seems to be a better place 10 years back than now. What has changed within in these 10 years? Many!! Most importantly, the arrival of social media in our daily lifes. Twitter , Facebook etc has become such a big part of our life these days. Yes they have their uses but it is not without any faults. Infacts in these times I believe they have more negatives than positives in our lifes.

Its high time we minimize the use of social media. Hopefully it will reduce the hatred in the world.